AUDIO: Anu covers Michael Jackson’s classic “Off The Wall”:


OTW is the acronym for this Robert Glasper and Augi assisted remake of Michael Jackson’s 1980 single Off the Wall. Anu again proves that “there ain’t no rules it’s up to you” with this remake. Deconstructed and remade in a jazzy fashion, the tune remains upbeat yet relaxed.


VIDEO: Kanye West x Robert Glasper x Mos Def Live in PAris:

The homies wrecked shop in PAris last night!!! Peep the footage as they perform Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin!”

Here’s The Remix I Did Of Rob’s Tune “Afro Blue”:

I call this version of Robert Glasper’s “Afro Blue” a remix but it’s actually the original demo freaked a little.


“Many have asked me what I’m talkin in my verse on “Afro Blue.” To me the song is about ones love/admiration for Africa so my verse consist of metaphors about Mother Africa (The Mayan comment was jus a bonus). Read the lyrics to the verse below”-Anu~Sun

Visions of you,
Mother land what it dew?
No flaws, like NAH, I’m in awe of your view!
Feature in the Source, well of course its YOU
Five mics, show ya right!
Pay respect where it’s due.
Rep rings true, your reputwa is flawless.
Rome to D.C. these n***as ride your
Stars in the system so the bloodline glisten.
They got they spies sittin by, as we talk
they listen.
Can’t peep lingo tho, keep tryin, poker face you’re misreading Mayan.
Ribbon in the sky, we fly, throw ya fist up in the air keep em high!!


released 11 March 2012
Robert Glasper on Rhodes
Erykah Badu on Lead Vocal
Burness Earl Travis on Bass
Anu~Sun on Drums, rap & Production